Putting the personal back in personal training

Over the years I’ve watched many PTs come and go. I’ve seen gambling on which PTs will make it and which would not. There was always without exception one common trait that the PTs who didn’t make it didn’t have, emotional intelligence.

It became so clear that this was the thing restricting them from success when one of these PTs asked me “Why are all of my clients not converting after my initial consultation, I thought it went great!” to my response of “doesn’t matter what you thought of it. What did they think? Have you asked them for feedback?”

Constantly re-evaluating your performance through client feedback is crucial! Without it you can not develop your self awareness or self management because as a self employed PT it is your main source of affirmation of your positive behaviours and acknowledgement of your (in other words) not so good behaviours.

There are 4 aspects to emotional intelligence and we’ve already touched on two of the more obvious ones that you can action NOW.

Self awareness & self management, just through asking for a survey/feedback from all of your current clients you will get a good scale of how your going in these two metrics.

The other two are social skills & social awareness, harder to develop but definitely not impossible if your open minded to change and challenging your comfort zone.

Social awareness is really hard for the “chatterbox” type of PT (we all know and love them) this is because it’s the skill of mirroring and matching and they tend to want to lead. Key tip for overcoming this: practice the art of silence

Reason for this being it forces you to listen with both 2 ears before talking with your 1 mouth. I struggled with this until I turned it into a game or challenge for myself.

Now onto social skills, Rapport 101.

Social skills is all about 2 things:

1. Believing your work is meaningful, in the sense that you plan to change someone’s life for the better.

2. The other half of it is showing someone that your doing that for more than just money (genuinely care).

In summary:

Self awareness- Ask for feedback

Self management- Ask for feedback

Social skills- Listen twice, talk once

Social awareness- Do meaningful work and create meaningful relationships

Hope you got something from this super quick summary of how you can put that personal touch back into your personal training businesses.

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